Chris is currently working on loads of new tunes for release in 2022. 


Singles, 'the Arrow of Time' and 'Hope Twenty Twenty One' have been receiving airplay from around the world in Nov 2021.

"A fierce electronic soundscape, certainly out there and innovative. Inspired by Physicist Brian Cox... ...An out of this world single that could easily feature on cinematic productions, 'The Arrow of Time' soars with confidence. this isn’t your usual electronic track. Free spirited and aiming to bring originality to the table, Chris McConville’s superb new track points his career upwards and ready for whatever the future lies ahead."

Chloe Mogg - RGM


Latest single, 'You On The Brain' was played on Jim Gellatly's Amazing Radio show back in July and made it into Manchester radio presenter, Laura Beth's 'Top 10' mixtape the same month.

This follows a very positive and prolific 2020, full of high points throughout the year that kicked off with euphoric single, 'Fire', in tribute to the late Tone Eke of the Blackhill Pioneers which was mixed and mastered by US based, Icelandic producer, Bjorgvin Benediktsson of Audio Issues 

"The track really hits its peak towards the latter half when the guitars start to soar and the vocals get more prominent showcasing Chris' skills in both songwriting and keeping a legacy for his friend, Tony." Fred Bambridge - It's All Indie 

The amazing Racetrack Playa star trail photograph used for the cover art for 'The Arrow Of Time' is by LA based, photographer Jeremy Evans, whose career includes Emmy nominated work for 'National Geographic'. The sand dunes and space photos used on the website are also by Jeremy. 

All new pics of Chris are by London Photographer, Ben Meadows who works closely with artists such as Matt Berry and Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy

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